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Working From Home

Remote Year

We can say that 2020 is the “official” remote year due to the situation with Covid-19.

The coronavirus may have affected several business sectors, but the big tech giants did not miss the opportunity to upgrade their systems and configure them to suit their needs. The most common need created is work from home. However, it seems to work and pay off in most companies. Below we list some applications that can improve your work experience from home, making it more enjoyable and more interactive with your colleagues.

We Work Remotely

Due to the situation of Covid19 many companies keep working remotely. Also, as Statare Solutions we work remotely and we are trying to minimize the effects of the pandemic.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a free Google conferencing service that came and replaced Handouts Meet. It may sound ridiculous but Meet uses all the protection that Google uses to protect your personal data. All video calls are encrypted. With Google Meets, invited visitors can participate not only via PC as they can use any browser they prefer but also via mobile as it is available in the Google Play Store and App Store. At the same time, Google for this purpose replaced Hangouts Chat with Google Chat. If you want to experience a unique experience that Google can offer you, download Google Meets.


Zoom is one of the largest applications today for video chatting, chatting and online business dating. Through Zoom the user can create rooms to invite other users. There are also “waiting rooms” where there is a virtual reservation area that prevents guests from attending the meeting until they are accepted by the room host. You can also lock a started meeting and restrict other users from joining even if they have the ID and password to access the meeting. You can download ZOOM from Google Play Store and APP Store. You can also view information and download Zoom from their official website.


Skype is a free application provided by Microsoft and is intended for personal use, without prohibiting its professional use. Skype is a very powerful telecommunications application that specializes in providing video calls as well as voice calls. Microsoft is constantly upgrading its services by adding smart features such as screen sharing and recording live subtitle calls. Skype can accommodate up to 50 people in a video conference or audio conference. Via Skype you can also purchase your own personal number, so you can call people who are not connected to Skype. You can download the latest version of Skype now and enjoy the experience.


Teams is an application offered by Microsoft and is aimed at professionals. Apparently, the app came to replace Skype for Business. An application that combines video calling, voice calling with many and innovative technologies and the user can also access through the Office365 portal. In addition to all that Microsoft has to offer for Skype that is free, in the Teams app users can not only share files with each other but also edit them at the same time! With a very powerful search menu the user can search from messages, people or files. You can also customize it by adding notes, websites, and even apps. The possibilities of this application are many and incredible. Teams is considered an important and necessary tool for companies that apparently came to stay! You can click on the link below and go to the official Teams website to view information and download Teams.

Working From Home
Working From Home
Based on the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) hygiene protocols, you recommend working from home and minimizing contact with other people.

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