GDPR Consulting

About GDPR Consulting​

Consultation and auditing. Technical guidance to comply with GDPR rules and regulations.

In 28th of May 2018, EU Parliament introduced data protection called General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which is one of the biggest changes over the years.

Since that time, every organisation needs to make sure that they comply with all the GDPR rules making sure that they are strictly following them. Since this is a crucial part nowadays, we provide support to our customers from multiple industries assisting them so that they become GDPR Compliance.

GDPR Consulting​
GDPR Consulting

GDPR Consulting​ - Compliance

In most cases we are going through a short assessment including presentations and workshops where all the key parts of GDPR are mentioned and explained.

The first step of the procedure is about checking for any possible gaps about GDPR and whether there is any need or improvement. Moreover, a plan needs to be created so that any recommended action is completed within specific time limit. Finally, the company will be assessed in regards to the budget and the investment costs that will take place.

Technical Details

Dynamics NAV Integration with iBuild (A GDPR Integration for compliance)