Front-End Development


We can provide digital solutions for small and big businesses. We aim to build new systems, automate processes, integrate systems and provide support and further development if needed.

Front-End Development is the part of the project that will be the communication between the client and actual program. It is very important to have a front-end that is user friendly and easy to understand and use. It is also called client-side development since it has to do with the interaction between the users.

The main characteristics of front-end development is to have a clean design and easily understandable to ensure that users are able to use it to find the specific information they are looking for. 

front-end development
Front-End Development

Furthermore, working with a large amount of data, it will be more efficient to avoid loading all the data and instead load the data that are only visible to the users. This way can increase the loading time of the front-end and users will not have to wait until all the data are load.

Another important factor of front-end development is the having a program that is compatible with portable devices as well. Some users may prefer using the mobile devices to access a website. That means that the website needs to be mobile friendly so that all its parts can be visible and users can read and use them.

An example for this scenario is the main menu of the website. When a user visit the website on a desktop computer he/she will be able to see the main menu in full. But on the other hand, when he/she access the website from a mobile device then the main menu will change and be converted into a mobile menu style menu that appears next to the logo most of the times. 

Technical Details

Angular Js
Vue Js