SQL and NoSQL database solutions either On-premise and / or cloud solutions. Database optimization (Performance Tweaking).

Databases Solutions is an important part for the structure of any company coming together with Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions. They are used to store collection of data that can be used in real time either from internal or external users based on the access restrictions of the databases.

Storing data either in the cloud or in local computer systems, there is always a chance of data loss. This is the main reason companies spend a lot of money buying expensive equipment to store their data and make sure that they are stored safely.


Cloud Databases

In the last few years, data is stored in the cloud and companies do not require any additional equipment. This is also a part we can help our client. We can provide Databases that can be used through the cloud. Based on the client requirements we are using the specific technology (ex. Oracle-PL/SQL, MSSQL, MySQL, Maria DB, MongoDB, CouchDB, LevelDB and ODBC) to maintain and provide the best possible Databases that will store the required data safely and make them easily accessible.

What about Data Loss?

Having data stored either on cloud or physical devices, there is always a risk of data loss. Starting from cloud, the main benefit from it is that no external device is required to store your data. Moreover, it provides the possibility to access your data from anywhere in the world by just having access to the internet.

On the other hand, having having the data stored in physical devices, there risk to get an online attack or malware is less possible but there is a big risk on how long the device will last. Most of the times people lose their personal data because they accidentally dropped their hard drive on the floor and it was not possible to recover the data or it was ridiculous expensive to have them recovered.

Summarizing them above, we see that while years are passing cloud databases are becoming more essential both for companies and also for personal usage as well. Not because there is no risk to lose your data but the risk is lower than having the data stored in a physical device instead.

Technical Details

Oracle - PL/SQL
MSSQL and Integrated Services