Back-End Development

About Back-End Development

On-premise and cloud hosting services.

In computing terms, back-end is a phrase that demonstrates the parts of how a system is build behind the scenes. Usually this part of the system is not accessible or visible to the front end users who are using the front end of the program/website.

In other words, the back-end is the part of the system which contains the programming (ex. scripting), databases and other parts of the system that contain information that user does not necessary need to see or in most cases the parts that contain essential information.

Since this is the most important part for any project (ex. website, application), we are always making sure that our main aim is to provide the highest quality possible and provide efficient and well structured solutions to our clients.

Programming Languages

Our expert programmers, using their knowledge and experience, they ensure that all the development process will be well structured based on the requirements and functionalities the client requested. The technologies that will be used, are based on the project that will be created. We can provide services using various programming languages like PHP, .NET (C# and Visual Basic), Node.Js, Java, and Python (Django).

The back-end development services we provide do not end in building servers or applications. The whole process includes building a product that will be reliable and provide the best experience to the users by earning clients’ trust.

Support and Further Development

An important part of the process is also that we are providing support to our clients. Many of our customers request additional customization/additions to the delivered project. We are always open for any additional features that provide extra functionalities comparing from the beginning requirements.

Technical Details

Php (Slim, Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, PhaIcon),
.NET (C# and VB)
Python (Django)