OnZoom – The new live-events paid service from Zoom

OnZoom - The new live-events paid service from Zoom

The new functionality of Zoom

Zoom is about to release its new live-events paid platform  which will be called “OnZoom”. The new platform will be released in the beta version where users will be able to choose between various online live events. The main advantage of using the new platform is that you will be able to participate in live events without having to be at the exact location of the event. People who will be interesting to attend the specific events will be able to buy their tickets online and use OnZoom to participate in the event. That is for sure something new in the market that will affect other companies that are providing streaming services. 

Why OnZoom?

The idea behind OnZoom has been created because of the recent coronavirus lockdown. Being able to communicate with other people through this application, it will be a lot easier also to be used not only for educational purposes but also for various other ways like music lessons, comedy shows, etc.

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