How to become GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

Is Your Business GDPR Compliant?

Is Your Business Secure and GDPR Compliant? Do you know what actions to take and which organizational and technological measures you must put in place in order to become GDPR Compliant?

Do you know how to safeguard your organizations information assets and be in-line with the GDPR 2016 Regulation? If not, then we can help you in becoming GDPR Compliant, which is a legal requirement across the European Economic Area.

What Next?

Following through the design, set-up and implementation phases of the GDPR Project we can guide you on how to monitor and control all GDPR organizational and technological procedures in order to maintain GDPR Compliance and abide by GDPR Law.

Our ongoing Consulting Services can ensure that you remain up-to date with and changes made in the GDPR requirements of the law as well as with the introduction of any other similar laws.

How Can We Help Your Business Become GDPR Compliant?

We can provide you with an initial consultation service, whereby we conduct a risk analysis of your business environment and its information assets; based on the outcome of the risk analysis of your business we can then design and set up the GDPR project plan for you; the project plan is then followed by the design of the relevant organizational processes and technological requirements that need to be implemented; we can also assist you in the implementation of all the organizational and technological processes in order for your business to become GDPR Compliant; in addition, we can also aid you with the design, set-up and implementation of the required technologies in order for your organization to become fully Compliant with GDPR Law.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our pricing structure is modular and broken down into stages. You only pay for the service modules you need. You can obtain a quote on any individual stage or combination of modules or for all stages of the GDPR Project. Each Module Stage is built up by blocks of billed hours and differs from one organization to the next due to the uniqueness and different size and requirements of each organization among other factors.

A precise and accurate quotation can only be obtained after an initial consultation (Stage 1) has taken place so as to understand the uniqueness and requirements of a given organization; otherwise the quotation will be indicative only.

GDPR Pricing Structure
GDPR Add-ons
*Statare Solution has Compliant specialists who are responsible to handle all the procedures and guide our development team with all necessary information to handle customer personal data. Our customers’ data are very important for us and we respect them. We created the correct mechanisms to save and protect them!

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