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Garderobe-Mannen is a Norwegian Company who trusted us a project for developing their official website. The needs and expectations for a website for a company that dominates its field, such as Garderobe-Mannen were many and the challenge for Statare Solutions was great.

Garderobe-Mannen is the leading company in its field with over 30 years of operation in Norway. Its main occupation is the manufacture of wardrobes which due to the high quality, the pioneering aesthetics but also at the same time the low prices make Garderobe-Mannen the number one company in its sector.

Together, we developed the website that was requested and at the same time we succeeded and built the feeling of trust. Garderobe-Mannen, understands how we undertook the overall project, fully understands their own needs and with the final result being beyond their expectations, continues to constantly assign new projects to Statare Solutions.

The website may seem very simple but behind it we managed to build smart and innovative mechanisms that were requested, or we suggested to our partner to make the website as active and friendly as possible to the visitors of it.

Through the website the customer can see the latest fashion trend regarding wardrobes. The management team immediately informs the website about new products that have arrived and can be used to build the wardrobes.

Also, after a suggestion from the client, we went ahead and managed to build mechanisms where customers can enter the website and be able to design their own wardrobes. We analyzed and managed to build a system as simple and understandable as possible for the customer. The customer can now enter the dimensions of the wardrobes and depending on them, we recommend the number of doors, but without any restriction in changing the number of doors! The customer has the opportunity to choose not only the materials with which the closet will be made but they can also choose the materials for the profile with which the door will be made. A wide range of pre-designed door templates created by our professional staff are there and can be selected by customers and used as a starting point.

The customers can also save their drafts by downloading them to their personal computers for later changes or corrections. This way the customers save time, and can constantly make changes and save the new draft. When the customers have finished the drafts, they can proceed with the order of the specific doors, but before the doors are sent to the factory to start their construction, one of the experienced sellers of Garderobe-Mannen will contact them, if needed.

Garderobe-Mannen Appointment System

Also, at you can make an appointment in one of the stores (showrooms) of the company. The way a customer can do this is very simple. All he/she has to do is login to the website ( and navigate to the services section. A map of Norway is showing all the places where Garderobe-Mannen has a showroom which is available to the customer. The customer can also search for the nearest showroom by entering his/her zip code. Our algorithm will search and show the showrooms starting from the nearest to the farthest. The customer always has the last word, so he/she can choose any showroom of his/her choice. After selecting the showroom, the customer should choose a specific time and date for the appointment. Only the available hours are displayed to the customer, to avoid misunderstandings and problems.

By filling in the client information, and accepting the terms of use of the page, the client making an appointment. Most likely one of the staff members of Garderobe-Mannen will contact the customer to clarify the appointment. Oh, and do not be afraid if you forget your appointment. The mechanisms we built informs the customer by email 24 hours before the appointment, and by text message (SMS) on his/her mobile few hours before the appointment! This way Garderobe-Mannen’s customers can visit a showroom and be served immediately without any hassle or waiting long time.

In order to be able to serve all its customers, Garderobe-Mannen has included the “online appointment” plan. When a customer for any reason cannot go physically to the showroom to order products, the design of the order can be requested through the page “online appointment”. When a customer requests such an appointment for a specific time through a list of available hours, we send them a link to their email to which they have access 10 minutes before the scheduled appointment time. When the online appointment starts, one of the experienced sellers of Garderobe-Mannen will be there, willing to serve the customer using the screen sharing functionality (the customer will see the seller’s screen) so that they can discuss any possible changes in the design of the doors or general changes in the order.

Statare Solutions with several years of experience in the technological field and with its highly specialized staff can provide high quality services to small, medium and large companies both in Cyprus and abroad.

A proof of our professional work is, where they trusted us for their website and today they are considered one of the most important customers of Statare Solutions.

You can also contact us and discuss your existing projects or projects that you would like to implement but do not know how. The experts of Statare Solutions are waiting to serve you!


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