Outsourcing Partner

Expand your team with our skilled programmers.

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Why Choose Statare Solutions

Our developers have high level of competence and are able to deliver in high quality. We are a Norwegian supplier with headquarters in Oslo. Our development office is based in Cyprus and we can therefore provide competitive prices.

We are able to provider outsourcing partner services based on your needs. You are able to choose to a dedicated team that will be assigned to your project like they are your “own employees”. Alternatively, you can totally outsource the project to us and we will be responsible to deliver the requested results.

If you are looking for high quality, trusted and reliable outsourcing partner, we are here to help. We are providing the security you need for the future.

Who We Are

Statare Solutions is a company based in Cyprus and has been established in 2015. We are an outsourcing partner who provides high-quality development services based on our clients requirements. Our company started with two staff members and since 2015 we have expanded rapidly to around more than 20 people. All our staff members are professionals and each one of them has it own expertise. Our staff members are divided into teams and each team has specific projects to work on. Each team specializes in specific programming languages and receives projects related to them. Our offices are located near Paphos city center and Paphos Hospital. We are based on the first floor of a modern building called “Vasiliko”.